Friday, May 8, 2009

I passed that Lambo like he was standin STILL!

Last week I was on the way to work in my old 1967 Datsun SSS, and I passed a yellow Lambo Gallardo like he was standing still.

It felt GOOOOD.

The fact that I was floored and doing a top speed not much better than a downhill mountain biker, while he was apparently texting that evening's date really do not spoil the moment for me.

I blew by a Lambo in my Datsun.

Mostly because I was late for work.


I found a Gremlin road test on youtube! It gives an idea what trying to canyon race a Gremlin up in the mountains was like as a kid... Boy was I young and stupid.

This car looks a LOT like mine did before I got a hold of it. Fast forward to the 1:35 minute mark for all the tire squealing action. The panic braking portion is exactly what I remember.

Gremlin Road test

I love the handling comments too, like the rear end has "a light squirrely feel while cornering.."

No kidding. Ya think?!?!

(Kitty Fading)

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