Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What next?

Well, I actually wrote this post late last summer, nearly a year ago. But as some of you know, a LOT has happened since then (heh-heh!). It took a while to let things settle down. In short, we had a string of bad luck that tested the Killer Bees to the very core as a team, twice.

They say if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. And THIS is why it has been so quiet here. This is a fun blog and a goofy quest. I had to wait till we could all laugh about it again...

I've received multiple requests to get back on that blogging horse (Hi Matt!) and quite honestly I've missed it. The hardest part was figuring out what to say next. I decided to just type, and let the story tell itself... So without further adoo... Lets get this party started! We pick the story up right where we left off, and just before our luck changed...

Exactly 2 weeks before in fact. Enjoy!


August 15 (2009!)

This summer (edit: THAT summer) was the most busy I have been in years, and was some of the most fun I've had too.

(Great photo courtesy Judy Kiel of Stick Figure Racing)

Shortly after the Fernley race and still stunned that we actually finished, I received an Email from the head-cheese Jay Lamm announcing the inaugural Concours De Lemons car show during car week in Monterey. So, I decided to enter the Killer Bee! Why not!? Could be fun. And there might be a BUNCH of these lemons racers there!

I also signed up for the next 24 Hours of Lemons Sweat-Arse-Palooza race in Buttonwillow. And, because we were all worried about running around in the severe heat all weekend with a convertible, I researched the internets on how to make a cheap homemade "Cool-Suit", which keeps you cool with ice water in rubber tubes from an ice chest. And then I promptly bought a real one.

What I did not realize however was that the Lemons SHOW in was on the same weekend as the Lemons RACE in Buttonwillow CA. WHAT?!?! Why the #$%& would they do THAT? I became quite confused with it all.

When faced with the dilemma of being entered into TWO separate events in very different parts of California on the same day, my beautiful "don't-you-dare-forget-spouse" made sure I did not forget it was ALSO my nieces 1st birthday. Oh crap. (Glad I didn't forget!)

None of my other teammates were interested in racing down in the Buttonwillow heat (dang wimps) so everything worked out. I blamed them and quietly withdrew from the race. Although now I have an unused, beautiful, expensive ice chest with holes in it, and a funny rubber tubed t-shirt.

Seeings how the race was off, I decided to enter a second car in the Concours show, my '67 Datsun RL411 SSS, the very same car that got me tangled up in this Lemons fiasco in the first place.

Super-Spouse was uncomfortable driving either one of these crap-heaps all the way to Monterey by herself, so we dropped the Bee off at the park the night before and we drove the Datsun down together early the next morning.

And what a show it was...

Pintos, and Gremlins, and Citroens, oh my!