Saturday, June 13, 2009

Killer Rabbit™, News at 11

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you the following breaking update:

The Killer Rabbit™ from team "Knights of the round track" (aka Stick Figure racing) has escaped! It was last seen at 11:06am, 22 May 09 in Fernley Nevada, trying to take out "Sparky, El Delusional Capitan" of team Killer Bees as he first entered the race track.

Bender and jkiel of Stick Figure Racing - were reportedly readying the Holy Hand Grenade with incantations from "The Book of Armaments"

Children and small animals are advised to wear garlic.

Details at 11.

(Notice the bouncy critter running from the left as I pass the flag station...)


Ok, I got stumped. I literally spent the ENTIRE week trying to edit our stupid 24 Hours of LeMons video from Reno Fernley Raceway last month, to get this 15 second video of the dastardly Bunny as it tried to kill me.

Turns out I did not read the directions on Flip Video camera (not that there were any real directions to read ayways) and I screwed myself.

Seems that once you download the video to your computer you can do some simple editing, chop it up and even put it to music. Yeah great.

BUT, once you export it out of the library, oh say like copy it to an external hard drive like I did to save 4 gig of SPACE, it's GAME OVER. You can't re-import it.



So I have been stuck with boring 2 hour videos that I could not do anything with.

Now don't get me wrong, it is an awesome little device, takes great video and is dirt cheap, but the software is TOO simple - to the point of being retarded.

The format is in MP4 which I don't care to know anything about, and it seems neither does Windows Movie Maker. MP4s won't load into the software. Online forums have a million different solutions and cheats to import codecs & masage the Divexs and xviDs blah-blah-blah... but the root of the problem is these two things just don't play nice and are really beyond my realm of interest.

So option 2 was to convert the MP4 into something like an AVI. Ok, GREAT!

2 days of searching for and monkeying with freeware later, I had it converted to AVI.

Except when you do that, you loose all the resolution and cant see the stupid BUNNY anymore! It's a white square block that flashes twice and disappears.


3 more days of research later and downloads later I had semi-workable solution from Avidemux, 15 corrupt test files, and finally the juicy little snippet above.

I was going to put music and arrow pointers in the video, but screw it. I'm done ha-ha. I'll play with my new software toys and if I don't screw things up, maybe I'll post more videos as I complete them.


We now return you to your regularly scheduled programing.

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  1. Pete, I think I have your timing light. Got home with two. Are you missing one?

    Free Range Racing

  2. Ayup! That's mine! I'll swap you for a beer at the next race.