Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Surfing the web, 2 Jan 2009, Evening

MGB for sale, $650 or Best offer.

1977 MGB for sale. Engine tired, body solid, well maintained. Needs lots of TLC.

Will not pass smog due to high hydrocarbons. Shop closing, must be sold by Sunday 4 Jan 2009.

Does NOT include hardtop (Already sold), soft top has frame only.

Asking 650 or best offer. Car located in Berkley CA.

I called the number on the ad immediately. Of the several cars I had been following, this one had 2 things going for it.

1) It was close by.
2) It was Yellow.

“Yellow!! Ah-Haa!! The Killer B!”


The gentleman’s name on the other end was Hillary. I asked a second time to make sure I heard it right. The news was playing on TV in the other room, trumpeting something about another Hillary, and for a moment I thought I misheard his name.

He had an MG shop he was closing up after many years, located in one of the last metal corner pre-fabbed service stations of its kind, which was scheduled to be torn down.

“That’s too bad” I said. I’ve got a soft spot for Googie architecture and vintage buildings in particular.

“Not at all.” He replied. “The place is old and a piece of crap. Time to let it die”.

Hmmm… “Too bad I did not know about you earlier. I’ve had daily driver MGBs for over 15 years and could have used some parts” I joked.

Well I’ve been here a lot longer than that!” He joked back, with a tinge of crankiness. “Too late now, it’s all goin away and I’m retiring. I’ll give you the number of the guy who is buying all my stuff. If you’re interested in the car you’ll need to bring a trailer.”

We agreed to meet the next afternoon.

“Who were you calling?” my please-don’t-tell-me-your-buying-another MG-spouse asked from the other room.

Wanna go to Berkley tomorrow? (Heh-heh!)

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